"You are my favorite estate sale group, and I always look forward to your sales. Very decent price and friendly and knowledgeable staff too! Keep up the good work!" - Pat V.

"We love your sales Stacy. You guys are seriously the best!" - Dawn & Rich​

"Wow! Your clients must be thrilled with the way you present their "treasures". Great job." - Paula D.H.

"THE BEST THERE IS. It's brutally obvious that no one spends as much time, research & effort putting a sale together than you & your team."  - Mike & Cheri

"I've spent a good portion of my life attending estate sales. Yours are by far consistently the best!" - Chris

"Stunned at how friendly your staff are. Everything is priced and organized! Wow! Now I understand why you are so busy all the time." - May and Robert 

"Fantastic sale and fabulous helpful staff!!" - Nancy M. A.

"I love attending Iron Horse sales. They are very professional, friendly, have fair prices and the product is always displayed in an organized and clean way. I have attended various companies and I would recommend Stacy and her team for anyone attending and/or wanting to have an estate sale." - Staci Rybacek

"Best sales ever!" - Laurie Pitner

"Iron Horse Sales are fantastic! We love Lisa at the door, all the staff is so friendly. Pretty ladies too! Their sales are organized and clean and I never seem to leave without buying many things!" - Brady

"I drive all the way from Gurnee to come to your sales!  You have the best ones!" Cindy

"I will see you at future sales. You are a GREAT BUNCH." Barb

"We hug you and your staff everytime we see you. That's how much we like you." 

"I have to tell you I love your sales! They are the best! I try to never miss one of yours!" Pam

"Weekends are so much fun when we're going to one of your sales. And your staff is so nice. Always worth the wait in line." - Phil

"I get so excited when I get your mailing list alert for another sale!" - Paul

"I more than appreciate you and your staff for all the hard work and caring for my property and the best price!!" - Terri I. 

"I love your sales. Everything you do is awesome, the finds are very meaningful and I enjoy every bit of it. You are so good at what you do and I won't even go to other estate sales... I never do,  just yours. - Kerry

"We go for the company and the deals!" - Kimberly

"Shopped at this sale today. Although it took awhile to get in the house, I want to thank you and your staff for helping wrap and load my purchases. Good humor and wonderful service go a long way in deciding where to shop. " - Roxanne

"Your sales are the only ones I ever go to now." - Katie
"I just wanted to thank you, Debbie and staff. I had a great time shopping the sale and found tons of bargains I am still gloating over. The amount of work you put into the sales is just amazing. I told my husband while we waited in line that everything will be priced. From the huge bedroom set to the box of mac and cheese in the pantry, every thing will be priced. And priced fairly, too."

"I went to another estate sale today and the way it was conducted was so inferior to your sales style. I just wanted to thank you again for your effort. Have a great day and I'll see you again soon!" - Cindy :)
"I couldn't be happier. You did an excellent job. Whatever you are doing, you are doing it right." - Sam

"I go to your sales all the time and I have so much fun! Your sales are the best." - Carrie

"When my family wouldn't help me with doing a sale I didn't know what to do. As you know, my health won't allow me to do much of nothing. I thank God you came to my aid." - C.L.

"Thank you for taking the time to respond to my email, I know that you have lots going on." - Pam

"Hello, I can't believe I actually received a return email from Estate Sales Chicago, and so quickly!" - Bonnie
"We have never been to such a well-organized estate sale! The items were beautiful too!" -  Mary & Matt

"You put us at ease and earned our trust. You did a great job." - S.

"I had so much fun at your sale! Thank you!!" - B. Anderson

"I've been to 3 of your sales so far this year and will make sure to never miss another one! So many treasures found!" - Sydney

"You run the nicest, most organized and clean estate sales I have ever been too! I have so much fun going to them!" - Margie

"You have the most pleasant and helpful staff! I always make it to your sales." :) - Linda

"I tell everyone about your sales. They are the best around!" - Connie


While prepping a sale: "Stopped by the house and it looks great. You are doing a beautiful job! Very appealing merchandising. Thanks for your hard work and expertise." - Fran

"Wow! I cannot believe how nicely run your sales are. Fair prices too. Worth the wait in line!" - Mel 

"I love that your sales are so organized and clean! Gorgeous! Beautiful!" - Cathe

"You did such a tremendous job with our sale. You went way beyond what we expected. We really couldn't have had nearly as much success and completion without you." - Lisa

"This is the most organized and nicely presented estate sale I have ever been too!" - Tom and Sarah

"Wow. Thanks. I never bother to ask questions about items at estate sales anymore, as rarely do I ever receive a response...  I really appreciate you answering my questions." - Amanda

"I thought the sale was very organized and ran smoothly... Overall, it was very nicely organized and ran about as smoothly as one could expect." - Jessica

"Thank you for all of your hard work! We appreciate all that you did for us." - Sugar Grove client

"Thank you again for all your assistance on Sat. with my Limoges plate selections and with my "shopping" in general. You run a very nice sale." - Michelle

"I cannot believe we made that much money on our stuff! I'm shocked. Shocked." - Betty

"I totally look forward to YOUR sales. I attend every single one of them I can!" - Karyn


Iron Horse

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Thank you! We appreciated all you have done for us, the successful sale, maintaining the house in horrible weather conditions, cleaning up, removing picture hooks, accommodating our kids request for stuff, etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Marv & Sue

Estate Sales, Appraisals

and Consignments


We cannot thank you enough, Stacy! You removed the huge weight from our shoulders during a very stressful and sad time. Our family is so very grateful to you and your staff for doing everything you said you'd do, and much more! 

We are thrilled to have made more money than we ever expected as well. You ran a clean and organized sale that my parents would have also been very proud of. Thank you again! We will recommend you to all who ask!

- John, Mary, Beth & Mike

   In no particular order: